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“Nani?” is an offline Japanese dictionary for Android. It helps you find and understand words without internet access, by downloading dictionary sources.


I am a Japanese learner, but never found the right app for this task. My goal here is to be able to access a Japanese dictionary in different contexts: when I read, when I want to find a word I don't know in Japanese, when I want to learn more about a kanji, etc.

This app allows you to download different kinds of dictionaries that enable some of these functionalities.


Nani? is licensed under the GPL 3+ license. It also uses data from third parties, with different licenses.

| Source name | Provider | License | Description | | ----------- | -------- | ------- | ----------- | | JMdict | ERDRG | CC-BY-SA 3.0 | Provides the main search function |


You can contribute in multiple ways:


There are two things that need translation in this repo: the app description for app stores, and the app itself. To translate the description, you will have to download the file corresponding to your language in fastlane/metadata/android and keep it up to date with the source at fastlane/metadata/android/en-US. If there is no directory for your language, copy the files from en-US and translate them.

For translating the app, you will have to download app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml as the source and the corresponding file in your language. For instance app/src/main/res/values-fr/strings.xml for French. If the directory doesn't exist for your language, simply copy the English file and translate it.

In any case, once you have translated something, you can submit the translation here by opening an issue, submitting a merge request or simply by email, whatever is more convenient for you, dear translator :)

Report a bug, request improvements

Well, you can use the Issues button on the left :)

Improve dictionary generation, add a new source, ...

This is the right repo to do so!