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Hey there, I'm Julien, also known as roptat or tyreunom on the internet. If you reached this page, it probably means you are interested in the kind of software projects I make. Thank you for your interest! Here is a list of projects I host here.

Note that I am in the process of migrating from framagit. Every new project will appeare here, but older projects might take time to migrate. I'm also planning to add some features at some point, like issues and merge requests, but that will take some time. I'd like to implement these features myself, using forgefed.

Guile Netlink

Guile Netlink is a guile implementation of the netlink protocol. Netlink is an inter-process communication protocol that can be used for communication between processes, or with the kernel. The most famous netlink protocols are used to configure network-related functions in the kernel, such as firewall, route table or IP addresses of interfaces.

git clone https://git.lepiller.eu/git/guile-netlink


Gitile is a small implementation of a web repository viewer. It uses guile as its backend, guile-git to fetch repository information, etc.

git clone https://git.lepiller.eu/git/gitile