More sbt dependencies

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More packages for the Guix package manager! This repository contains recipes for packages that I am working on. They will eventually be sent upstream. When this is the case, they will vanish from this repo.

How to use these packages?

export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=$HOME/guix-more

That's it!

What is in there?

Binary analysis software





Current work

Using skia with icecat

Currently working on this. I have skia, but it requires some tricks to actually have icecat build with it.

Adding gradle and scala/sbt

Gradle is a build system used mostly by android applications. I have packages for 2/3 of gradle, but that's not enough. I'm currently blocked at a gradle subproject that requires scala and sbt. Scala is written in scala, so it's hard to bootstrap. I've packaged a binary version for now and building sbt (another dependency) is my next target.

Adding a maven-build-system

Although the maven package is now in Guix proper, we do not have a maven-build-system yet. Such a build system requires maven and some plugins. I'm planning to build these plugins. They require a lot of new dependencies for which we can't use the maven-build-system either... Such a pain :/

OCaml and Coq packages

The more the better. They are being integrated.


Eiffel studio -> eiffel -> AutoProof and Eve -> boogie.

alt-ergo, CVC4