This repository contains the code for the website of the Nani project. It uses haunt to build a static website and some guile code to generate dictionaries and downloadable content for the project.

Building and testing


To build the website, you will need the following software:

As well as more common software:

The easiest way to do this is to use guix and install the necessary components in a temporary environment:

guix environment --ad-hoc guile haunt

Testing locally

To test the website, build it with:


This can take quite a lot of time because it needs to build a lot data.

Then run a server with:

haunt serve

You can now connect to localhost to view the website.

Updating dictionary data

Dictionaries are served by this website. The first time you build the website, make will take care of downloading the necessary data and building the dictionary files. Later, it will not download the files anymore, but you can update them explicitly with:

make download


You can contribute in multiple ways:

Report a bug, request improvements

Well, you can use the Issues button on the left :)

Translate the website

Translations are managed on Fedora's Weblate platform. Below are additional information in case you do not want to use that platform.

If you want to translate the website, you can do so by downloading the .po file corresponding to your language in the po folder, or the po/nani.pot file if there is none yet. Then, you can use poedit for instance to load and modify the file. Once you're done, save it and send it to me via an issue, a merge request or simply by email, whatever is more convenient for you, dear translator :)

Improve dictionary generation, add a new source, ...

Please discuss these in the issues for the app, not in this repository. Thank you :)