More packages for the Guix package manager! This repository contains recipes for packages that I am working on. They will eventually be sent upstream. When this is the case, they will vanish from this repository. Note that most of these packages are WIP and might not work very well, or might not even build. Your help is very welcome!

This repository should only contain free software. If you encounter non-free software, please open an issue, email me or ping me on IRC (roptat on

How to use these packages?

This is a Guix channel. You will first need to install Guix itself. Then, simply create a new ~/.config/guix/channels.scm file with this content, or update the file with the additional channel if it already exists:

(cons* (channel
        (name 'guix-android)
        (url ""))

Then run guix pull to pull the new channel.

Important checks

Make sure your guix environment is set up properly. You need to have ~/.config/guix/current as the first item in your $PATH or you're going to run into troubles. Additionally, after running guix pull, make sure you run hash guix in any open terminal to make sure bash's cache is cleared of the old guix binary location.

Current work

Adding Scala and SBT

Scala is not bootstrappable, so it will not go into Guix easily. In this repo, I rebuild Scala using the official Scala binary, and manage to build SBT using it. Note that I only packaged sbt-launcher, which is what you get when you download sbt from their website. Its role is to download and execute the full version of sbt from the repositories.

Adding Gradle

Gradle is a build system used mostly by android applications. I have packages for 2/3 of gradle in the past, but the project evolved quickly since then, so I will have to restart from the beginning.

Other Packages

As the name suggests, this channel contains more packages that I plan to upstream at some point, when I have time.