Guile Netlink

Guile Netlink is a GNU Guile library providing an implementation of the netlink protocol.

It currently provides a generic library for writing implementations of a netlink protocol, a low-level rtnetlink implementation that uses that library and a high-level API for network management that uses rtnetlink.


Manually, from source

Guile Netlink is a pure Guile library and does not require any library except for a libc.

Guile Netlink uses the autotools to manage the build and installation scripts. From a checkout, you can run the following commands to build and install in the default prefix, /usr/local.

sudo make install

To use the result, you can extend the following environment variables.

export GUILE_LOAD_PATH="/usr/local/share/guile/site/3.0${GUILE_LOAD_PATH:+:}$GUILE_LOAD_PATH"

Alternatively, you can skip the make install phase and use the result directly from this checkout, with the pre-inst-env script.

./pre-inst-env guile

With Guix

For convenience, we provide a guix.scm file that defines a package you can use with GNU Guix. If you have Guix installed, run:

guix install -f guix.scm


Guile Netlink is licenced under GPLv3 or later. See COPYING file for details.