Guile Mecab

Guile bindings for MeCab, yet another part-of-speech and morphological analyzer. The bindings link to libmecab and offer a small API for using MeCab.


Using Guix, it is easy to use and install mecab, as we provide a recipe for mecab, mecab-ipadic (one possible dictionary for Japanese) and guile-mecab in the guix directory. For instance, to enter an environment with all the tools needed to run guile-mecab, you can run, from this repository:

guix environment -L guix --ad-hoc guile guile-mecab mecab-ipadic


Once installed, you can use the bindings by loading (mecab mecab) in a guile program.

The tagger

The tagger is a global object used to load a dictionary. You can create and remove a tagger by using the following procedures:

The analysis

To analyse a sentence, you can use one of the following procedures.


Nodes can be manipulated with the following procedures.