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2.3.3 Address Messages

The (netlink route addr) package defines the following data type:

Datatype: addr-message

This datatype represents an address message with its routing attributes. This type of message is expected when using the RTM_*ADDR message types.


The network family, either AF_INET for IPv4 addresses, or AF_INET6 for IPv6 addresses.


The prefix length, i.e. the length of the prefix mask, in bits, if defined for the address family.


Address flags. This can be a flag word of IFA_F_SECONDARY for secondary address (old alias interface), IFA_F_PERMANENT for a permanent address set by the user and other undocumented flags.


The address scope.


The index of the device this address is for.


A list of attributes. This field must contain a list of nl-data structures, not a structure by itself.